Dr Labrada is active in the community. Following are some photos of events and charities she has participated in.

Dr. Labrada and her team participating in the Health Fair organized by CVS.
"From my point of view, - says Dr. Labrada -, the event was a great success. It was a way to get in touch with public, answer many questions and provide tips about oral care that will result in a better oral and general health. We love to educate the patient".
The photo at left was taken at a Lumineer sponsored provider certification event in which Dr. Liudmila Labrada participated.
Dr Labrada's participation in numerous dental conventions and seminars have solidify her presence as an expert in many areas of Cosmetic Dentistry. The brochure shown on the left, from Sapphire Light, a world-wide known company, depicts her opinion on how the product works on tooth whitening.
Dr Labrada and her team are involved in many children and school activities. The photos to the right show students from The Biltmore Elementary School on a field trip to the Labrada Dental Office. Kids were shown dental instruments as well as instructed about the benefits of good oral hygiene.
Dr. Labrada participates in many charity events. The photos on the left show a girl from Liberia, Maria Ansumana, who thanks to the donation made by Dr. Labrada was able to undergo cleft lip corrective surgery.

The Thank You letter from the charity institution Smile Train, explain the circumstances this girl lives in.
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