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Labrada Dental is located at 15525 Bull Run Road Miami Lakes FL, 33014. Our office phone number is (305) 231-1820 and fax (305) 231-1838. You can also contact us by e-mail at The office is open from Monday through Friday, 9: 00 am. to 6: 00 pm.

Our office will provide a written treatment plan upon your first visit. We offer several payment options,
cash and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). You will also have the option to apply for a payment plan with no interest for 12 months or financing for up to 5 years.

Insurance plans
Our staff will process insurance claims as a convenience to you. Please bring the insurance card or documents with you on your first visit. Insurance policies generally cover only a portion of the total treatment cost. Unless other arrangements have been made, we ask that you pay your portion of the bill at the time of treatment. It is your responsibility to pay any balance not paid by your insurance company.

We recognize that an emergency situation can happen. During regular business hours you are more than welcome to walk in the office with an emergency. Our team will accommodate you for a visit or give you a solution in the same day.

After office hours, you can call our office and leave a message and a doctor will call you back as soon as possible. If you have a life threatening emergency, you need to call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.


Labrada Dental Office
15525 Bull Run Road Miami Lakes FL, 33014
(305) 231-1820 Office
(305) 231-1838 Fax

Monday through Friday, 9: 00 am. to 6: 00 pm.

Some of these offers
will expire soon.
Change of information.
If you have made a change in your personal information, please let us know. For changes such as address, phone number, employment and insurance provider, you can call, e-mail or inform us during your visit to the office.
We really appreciate your trust and support. Any referral to a friend or family is the best compliment that we can receive from our patients.
The bonding of porcelain veneer is a cosmetic procedure that improves the appearance and color of the teeth.
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